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Lucy Liu naked screenshots for Batgirl porn movie

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

When the producers of Batman the Movie decided to make another sequel of Batman, they couldn’t persuade Christian Bale to be a part of it so they started brainstorming on what could be better than another Batman movie and came up with something far better…Batgirl the Movie! Now before you think this is just going to be another one of those movies that promises gold but delivers crap, let me be the first tell you that this isn’t your ordinary superhero movie…and the best part of it? It’s going to be the feisty asian beauty Lucy Liu to play the role.

Not only will you see Batgirl fighting crime and jumping off buildings in a hot sleazy eye-popping costume, you will witness the very first superhero who is willing to get her pussy fucked by villains but the trick here is that she pretends to be one of them only to reveal to them that she’s there to put a bullet in their heads, after she makes them cum all over her tits. This is some twisted erotic superhero movie that will surely make Batman rise from the grave. Can’t contain the excitement? If you’re feeling heroic, we got more Lucy Lui hardcore fuck pics for you over HERE!