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Sexy Pics of Lucy Liu in Black Lingerie

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Everybody loves Lucy Liu! Yep, she’s the first Asian-American to really make it big in Hollywood and for that, she has earned the respect and adoration of millions of people around the world. We all know her from Charlie’s Angels and let me just say – Lucy Liu fierce and kicking ass, me likey! She’s a brilliant actress and a sizzling action star. People just couldn’t get enough of her! The way she talks fierce and catty with a mix of shyness has got to be her trademark and don’t get me started gushing about her freckles!

Lucy Liu is a smokin’ hot Asian-American and here’s why. She has a petite frame which instantly turns people on because she’s different from the 6-foot tall models that Hollywood is used to. She has a hot pair of tits, a firm-well toned ass, and I could only imagine that her pussy is pink and tight, just like most Asian pussies are! Just look at her in these pictures! Posing like the true slut that she is. Lucy Liu is sexy and boy, can she bring it on like anything! If you want more sexy pics of Lucy Liu in black lingerie, click here! Leave some for me, though.